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Zhongshi law firm is a comprehensive and partnership law firm approved by the municipal bureau of justice. The office is located in the 19th floor, A5, asia-pacific shanggu, no. 1, asia-pacific road, nanan district, chongqing (next to chongqing international convention and exhibition center). Since its establishment in January 2003, the firm has been adhering to the concept of "integrity, pragmatism, cooperation and service". Relying on a strong team of lawyers, the firm is committed to building a good professional performance and social reputation in the chongqing lawyer industry for a long time. At present, the firm has 20 practicing lawyers, all of whom graduated from famous law schools such as southwest university of political science and law, China university of political science and law, and fudan university, with bachelor's and master's degrees in law. Some lawyers also have professional degrees in finance and securities, construction and real estate, enterprise management, medicine, and news media. Under the mode of partnership, we carry out "corporatization" management. In the system construction, constantly seeking innovation, has launched the main coordination lawyers working system, case quality supervision system, lawyers before the trial mock debate system, typical case collective discussion system, regular training and learning system, and strive to multi-channel and all-round to ensure lawyers' professional quality and case handling quality. The main business orientation of the firm is to provide comprehensive legal services for the majority of customers, especially perennial legal advisory services. The scope of comprehensive legal services includes civil, criminal, administrative litigation, arbitration cases, intellectual property rights, construction and real estate, finance and securities, industrial and commercial trade, corporate asset reorganization, bankruptcy and merger and acquisition, government consultant, community service and other